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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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What is Power ?

What is Power ?

Power is a Mechanic value used in many domains (Industry, Aeronautics, ...) in Cycling Power is very great data and can reveal a lot about your potential; your pedalling technics, your muscle composition.
Let's go to discover Cycling Power Concept.


Why to Train with Power ?

Power Trainin Utility

In Pro Cycling pack powermeter use is fashion but what is the real interest of power use . It's not only having an expensive Cyclecomputer; power is accurate, reliable and very interesting for you and your Coach.
Here are some good clues to understand the utility of
power training.


How to train with power ?


Read this quick outlook about training devices and see how you can measure power directly on the road using modern tools.

You can't train with power without powermeters, Lionel proposes you to discover 2 of them the POLAR CS 600 & the Cycleops Powertap.


Power Zones

Power Training ZonesDifferent kind of efforts, different pain; need to understand yourself better ?
Power Training Zones used by Lionel will help you to understand your body better and will help you to manage better your ride.

With some experience or with the help of a qualified Coach let's go to plan your training using this zones.

Power Test & Zones Calculator

Fitness Test & Zones Determination

To use Power Training Zones, you need first to determine your own zones.
Fitness Test is available with a Zones Calculator.
Please ensure you to not have any counter indications to a high intensity effort.

If you perform this test it's under your own responsibility.


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