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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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In 2010 I received as a great honour the proposal to be Bike Pure™ Ambassador.

Doping prevention is for me the basis of RACE CLEAN™ Method: Doping is the cycling cancer and we need to promote ethical cycling.

Bike Pure is a non profit organisation promoting Drug Free Cycling. Every rider, cycling fan can show his support to Bike Pure : wear our Wristband or mount Bike Pure ™ spacer on your bike!

Bike Pure is well known in UK and Australia but his notoriety needs to be extended in the old continent.
Young pro riders and in particular RACE CLEAN ™ Riders show their support to Bike Pure such as Romain Lemarchand (AG2R).
On my side, I try to promote Bike Pure through my coaching philosophy and through the conference or training I have with coaches and young riders.

Young riders are the Cycling Future and they need to be well educated and well coached.

To illustrate my point view, you can read below an Interview performed just after my ‘nomination’ as Bike Pure Ambassador.

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Bike Pure Ambassador

Lionel wearing Bike Pure wristband

New Role for Lionel : Bike Pure ambassador

From Andy Layhe  (Bike Pure co founder) : “the anti-doping work of Lionel has to be highly commended. It’s good to see we share a like minded passion “

We spoke with Lionel about Bike Pure : here is the content of this chat.

Lionel you’ve joined Bike Pure as Ambassador. How do you feel as new Ambassador ?

I feel great. Bike Pure is a fantastic organisation and I’m very exciting to work with them.

We will certainly define some useful tips for young riders in order to prevent non-sportive behaviour.

Could you please explain us the role of Bike Pure ?

Bike Pure is a non profit organisation which main mission is to restore the integrity of cycle sport and create a nurturing environment for future champions to succeed.
Cycling fans could show their support through wearing Bike Pure wristband in order to show their commitments towards our sport.
Riders could add too Bike Pure spacer in their headset. Some great riders such as Russ Downing or GB squad members support Bike Pure.

Bike Pure Wristband

What do you think about the latest doping cases?

My feeling is quite complex regarding these last news. On one hand it’s good to see cheaters caught on the other hands; these cases continue to destroy a little more our sport and that’s really sad. Once more every clean performance will be suspected and that’s a drama for cycling credibility.

Do you think the Bio Passport sufficient to prevent doping ?

I think the Bio Passport is a great step to target suspicious profiles but I remain convinced to ensure the best doping prevention we need great coaching structures and a Biomechanics passport.

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